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What do I offer?

First up, the TattooNOW video show is rebooting, and actively looking for sponsors. The easiest way to get a peek into my brain is though my business webinar. If you enjoy what I'm thinking and where I'm headed, from there you can join the TattooNOW Business Roundtable for a peek at some great documentation and quarterly consulting, or hire me for some personalized business and/or SEO/Internet consulting. I do have limited availability for website development, links to the different live events I will be speaking at or co-producing, and tattoo supply companies, studios, and lifestyle business have an oppertunity to sponsor the TattooNOW videos series. Last but definitely not least, I actively recruit guest and resident talent for world class studios.

Interested? Book a free 15 minute consult or website critique today! 

Recruiting & Placement

Looking for talented artists to join your team? Are you a world class craftsperson looking for a great place to land? I have positive relationships with a dozens of world class studios, and can help talent land guest oppertunities as well as the perfect residency. 

Art & Business Webinars

Building a GREAT tattoo business boils down the strategies, tactics, and philosophies that helped build a multi-million dollar international arts buisness, and countless others through inspiration. 3 hours and 32 minutes. also offers over 2 dozen tattoo and art webinars that are avialable 24/7.

Guy Aitchison's Reinventing the Tattoo is required reading for tattooers and apprentices. Complete book text, videos, and ever expanding with guest chapters from the worlds most talented artists.

Upcoming Events

Golden State Tattoo Expo - Jan 24-26 - I will be packing up the video gear and catching up with tattoo artists, suppliers, and collectors on the west coast! If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in business consulting, or possibly a video interview, contact me asap!

Hell City Tattoo Fest - April 24-26
I will be returning to Hell City to offer a free seminar, and a business masterclass with Rember from Dark Age Tattoo at Red Tree Tattoo.

 For sponsorship (413) 585-9134
Book me to your studio, convention, or retreat! 

TattooNOW Show Sponsorship

There are currentl;y a dozen interviews recorded that are being edited, with more recorded each week. Videos will be released as a 60 minute variety show (Pilot shown here --->), as extended 40-60 minute featuered interviews, and as 3-6 minute topical clips. Perfect sponsorship oppertunity for tattoo supply companies, studios looking for talent and clients, and other lifestyle businesses. For sponsorship info call Gabe @  (413) 585-9134  

Website Development

TattooNOW has been powering tattoo websites for tattooers since the mid-nineties. Our clients range from tattooers fresh out of their apprenticeship all the way to tattooers of exceptional influence. Update your website, and other TattooNOW websites, in seconds 24/7.
Attract tens of thousands of unique visitors a month!
Over 2 decades of experience helping build your perfect cliental.
Client List

Business Roundtable

During your first month we will have a consultation where we walk through the Living Business Plan and take notes on short term low hanging fruit as well as craft some long term plans. Define Mission and Values, create goals, refine marketing action plan, and track vital stats to help evolve and grow your business.
Over 20 years of lessons learned organized in a presentation that includes hours of webinars, a full business plan sample, and dozens of business documents designed to be customized to suit your mission, values, and team. Perfect for tattoo studios, events, supply companies, or artists this online plan will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in consulting, and can help you protect your business from vital cracks or missed details.  

Personalized Business Consulting

Though often I work over the skype, meeting in person is more effective and I do enjoy traveling to experience and work in your natural environment.

Every client is unique, with a different mission, values, experience, team, environment, & experience. Some clients know exactly what they need, others are looking for an experienced 3rd party to help lighten the immediate path ahead.

I have a 4-6 hour initial consultation to explore different aspects of the client, and their business/career after which I can make clear recommendations and formulate an action plan. 


Website SEO Consulting (and Development)

Keyword research, seotools, google webmaster tools, & visitor behavior audit of current wordpress website


Create content plan

 (optimized for website & youtube (two most used searched engines owned by same company) for topics of interest/expertise as advised by keyword research.


Create promotion plan

 (including podcast circuit as well as finding guest blog/video opportunities with appropriate artists/galleries/media outlets).


Business essentials

Identify primary/secondary goals & desired visitor groups
Survey current customers
Collect email list (s) for art opportunities


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Easthampton MA


Phone: +1 (413) 585-9134