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Geek for hire!

Amplifying artists, craftspeople, and business owners worldwide to leave the longest lasting positive impact possible has been my passion since the mid 90's. 

Consulting  - for studios, events, and companies with a positive mission. Gabe regularly visits studio to work business owners and teams to stress test the business, and leave behind some good, and vital, ideas! 

Conventions & Events - Bring Gabe to your event!
He loves contributing to events with seminars, interviews, and other activities. Because he produces shows, no headache - only value added!

Recruiting & Placement - Helping amazing high quality artists land guest spots and residencies at world class studios is one of Gabe's favotire things to do. Also, managers. The tattoo world needs awesome experienced managers.

Video Series & Webinar Production - For over a decade Gabe has been producing professional development webinars, and video series that helps artists and businesses tell their amazing stories. 

Upcoming Events

Meet me at any of these upcoming events! If you are interested in having me contribute to your convention or studio event, please check out my booking info page.


Reinventing Live

Monday, October 14
Special one-day new format educational intensive. Several artists, includeing Stefano Alcantara, Kaija Heitland and Markus Lenhard, will be doing tattoos while Guy Aitchison sits with them and picks their brains, aiming to get to the bottom of how they think and work, while also including the best audience questions and showing the tattooing action up close. Between these interviews will be portfolio critiques of participating audience members, and at the end of the day will be a panel discussion addressing some of the tattoo art form’s biggest questions. At night Guy will be working on a freehand tattoo into the late hours and will answer any interesting questions that roll in.

The event will run from 12 noon Central time until around late that night, with a couple meal breaks. Existing Reinventing The Tattoo subscribers will get a free limited edition hoodie- if you aren’t a subscriber and you want this hoodie you’ll need to subscribe first and then purchase your Reinventing Live ticket.

Tickets are available for viewing the event online or for attending live at Euro Tattoo in Rockford Illinois, about 2 hours from Chicago or an hour from Ohare Airport. 


International Tattoo Convention Bucharest

Nov 1-3 2019
After a few years, way too long, it is very exciting to return to Europe to catch up with my european friends! I will be bringing video gear and filming the city, convention, and artist interviews. I will be doing live interviews and a seminar or two. From the website:

"In books you often find colorful drawings and stories that usually take place in palaces. This year our story takes place in an elegant and majestic location, Bragadiru Palace in Bucharest. 

As some of you may already know, talented tattoo artists, both local and international, are ready to guide you through the fascinating world of colors and skin drawings.People have expressed feelings and emotions in many ways along the timeline of history, but drawing and painting have a special place in our hearts this time.The Bucharest International Tattoo Convention is an event full of talent, colors, smiles and joy, a great mean to find ways to express yourself in an original and personal way.

So what do we have in store for you? The usual menu with a pinch of surprises: tattoo contests, live performances, parties, shops and various activities, all seasoned by the lovely sound of the tattooing machines. You, the artists, the music and the set up will put together another wonderful story on the pages of the Bucharest International Tattoo Convention book."


Business essentials for tattooers

For 20 years Gabe Ripley has been observing and participating in tattoo artists careers through TattooNOW, Off The Map Tattoo, and the Paradise Tattoo and Art events. Take a guided tour through an example artist's career, from their first inclinations as someone with an artistic interest, all the way through to becoming a master of their craft. While the artist's story is completely made up of real life examples of what works (and doesn't!). We will talk about the different forces at work (identifying which ones are in your control and which aren't), how they evolve throughout time, the foundation necessary to endure bad times and good, and common things we have found leads to success. Includes a 15 minute Q&A session. Advanced business semianr and/or personalized consulting is available through the weekend.

Bring me to your event!

When conventions or studios bring me to their events, they know that I understand my role as a contributer, their roles as event promoters, and the audience's need to receive an experience that truly helps them see something unique in the world. They trust in me because I have decades of experience producing, co-producing, and presenting at successfull inspirational events large & small all around the world.

Pre event promotion, business seminars, stage interviews, event consulting, & post event coverage. Now booking 2020.

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