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Leaving a lasting impression...

Amplifying positive artists, craftspeople, and business owners worldwide to leave the longest lasting impact possible has been my passion since the mid 90's. When the going gets tough, I stay focused on my mission and primary values: englightenment, evolution, and endurance.

Consulting  - for studios, events, and companies with a positive mission. I regularly visit studios to work with business owners and teams to brainstorm some good, and vital, ideas! Limited availablity for 2-8 hour sessions, ideally onsite.

Conventions & Events - Adding value to your convention or studio event is one of my favorite jobs! Because I have been producing events large and small for over a decade, I'm no headache - only promotion ahead of time, contributing during events with seminars, interviews, video recording, and other activities, and post coverage!

Recruiting & Placement - Helping amazing high quality artists land guest spots and residencies at world class studios is a way for people to benefit from my quality network. Also, managers. The tattoo world needs awesome experienced managers. And serious support team members...

Video Series & Webinar Production - For over a decade Gabe has been producing professional development webinars, and video series that helps artists and businesses tell their amazing stories. 

Upcoming Events

I am available for event promotion, business seminars, video & stage interviews, event consulting, & post event coverage. Booking info page.
Meet me at any of these upcoming events:


DC Tattoo Expo

January 10-12th, 2020
Tje DC Tattoo Expo is back, January 10-12th, 2020, and they’re celebrating 10 years of bringing the best tattoo artists to the DC area. More than 400 tattoo artists, including Damon Conklin and Jesse Smith. If you are in the DC area and are interested in business consulting, or possibly a video interview, contact me asap!


Golden State Tattoo Expo

January 24 - 26 2020 
I will be packing up the video gear and catching up with tattoo artists, suppliers, and collectors on the west coast! If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in business consulting, or possibly a video interview, contact me asap! 


Filming interviews

Business essentials for tattooers webinar FREE

Sunday April 26th Time TBA

For 20 years Gabe Ripley has been observing and participating in tattoo artists careers through TattooNOW, Off The Map Tattoo, and the Paradise Tattoo and Art events. Take a guided tour through an example artist's career, from their first inclinations as someone with an artistic interest, all the way through to becoming a master of their craft. While the artist's story is completely made up of real life examples of what works (and doesn't!). We will talk about the different forces at work (identifying which ones are in your control and which aren't), how they evolve throughout time, the foundation necessary to endure bad times and good, and common things we have found leads to success. Includes a 15 minute Q&A session. 


Tattoo Artists & Studios Development Summit

Monday April 27th - Red Tree Seminar Room

For tattooers, studio owners, and managers looking to get more out of their career or business.
Rember will join to help discuss the philosophy of leading many unique tattooers successfully, and Gabe will do a deep dive into responsible marketing saturation. The final session will be deceided apon by attendees, who will be able to let us know thier priorities apon purchasing a ticket, and help craft a part of the days events. This summit is developing as we speak. 


Rock River Tattoo Art Expo

October 2-4, 2020

Guy Aitchison and crew are going to host the tattoo convention artists, collectors, and the curious won't stop talking about for the next decade. A unique hotel, stellar lineup, and unique events will ensure this is a tattoo convention not to be missed. 

Bring me to your event!

When conventions or studios bring me to their events, they know that I understand my role as a contributer, their roles as event promoters, and the audience's need to receive an experience that truly helps them see something unique in the world. They trust in me because I have decades of experience producing, co-producing, and presenting at successfull inspirational events large & small all around the world.

Pre event promotion, business seminars, stage interviews, event consulting, & post event coverage. Now booking 2020.

PO Box 1053
Easthampton MA

Email: gabe@tattoonow.com
Phone: +1 (413) 585-9134