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Tattoos make people better.

Pilot show of the new series. Ivana, Kaija Heitland, Markus Lenhard, Stefbastian, and Jesse Smith. This pilot has received great reviews, with more interviews being lined up as we speak and onsite shoots planned at a Reinventing the Tattoo event in Illinois and a tattoo convention in Romania! Cable Access TV is starting to pick the show back up, and the momentum is building. With over a dozen interviews in the can, we can't be more excited to share the art of tattooing far and wide. 

Sponsor the TattooNOW show

After a producing a very successfull podcast/cable access TV show for 6 years, TattooNOW is rebooting! Each month we will release 4 long form videos, and even more clips. We attract artists and collectors with an eye for quality, and a low tolerance for drama or BS. A dozen interviews are recorded and being edited at this time, with more being scheduled since the release of the pilot episode. Now is the perfect time to secure your sponsorship place in the show! 

Reach tattooers, apprentices, & collectors

I created this show to share conversations with some of the worlds smartest, most awesome artists. To hear what's on their minds, and brainstorm ways to make the world better through the arts. This is fueled by promoting some of my own products and events, as well as yours. Please consider sponsoring TattooNOW to reach an audience that truly cares about quality. The last show I produced has been viewed by over 2 million people on youtube and cable access TV. The Youtube Channel is over 10 years old. The effects of the show are great, attracting countless guest and resident artists as well as educated and inspired clients. 


Video & Podcast (Youtube, Vimeo, & Podcast directories)

2 Episodes of TattooNOW including 3-4 interview segments, a benefit segment, and a variety segment each month. 
2 full length featuered artist interviews each month. 
4 highlight clips each month.


Cable Access TV

Cable access is still going strong, and TattooNOW is currently being added to cable access stations across the states. It's pretty amazing hearing the feedback of people flipping the channel and landing on our show! 

Who and Why?



The TattooNOW has helped attract countless new clients for the studios we promote, as well as help effectively recruit amazing positive resident and guest tattooers, management, and support team. Help spread the word of your studio and artists far and wide! 



I help promote your show ahead of time with on air mentions and video ads, as well as present seminars and interviews from the stage, and workshops on business and promotion. My goal is to add value to your event by helping attendees get better tattoos, and learn more about the fundamentals and advanced nuances of the tattoo business. I run conventions so know expressly how to be a great guest!


Supply Companies

TattooNOW is a great way to help introduce, or reinforce, your brand with quality professional tattooers. Because TattooNOW has products, services, and events for tattooers, they are our primary audiance for promotion. For the cable access version of the show, supply companies can highlight their sponsored artists for their segment.  

Remember, Instagram and Facebook are absolutely not designed to attract you customers, they are designed to keep you addicted to the feed and deliver YOU to THEIR customers/sponsors.

Google and Youtube are search engines, designed to deliver visitors to the best results. Social Media is done with your content practically before the wrapping is off the tattoo, but Google and Youtube deliver qualified traffic to quality videos and websites for decades.

TattooNOW video packages don't stop the moment you stop paying like normal media ads, your branding will be baked into these videos to deliver for years (decades?) to come. 


4 Full shows and 4 clips a month.


Sponsor Mentions: Copy read in opening segment and printed in credits and all descriptions.


Video Ads: 60 second video ads to play in the show, and mentioned before or after ad play. (includes sponsor mention)

Call (413) 585-9134 to talk to me for more info.

TattooNOW Show Launch – 11/8/19  


PO Box 1053
Easthampton MA


Email: gabe@tattoonow.com
Phone: +1 (413) 585-9134