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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any after this, give a call! (413) 585-9134


Am you for hire?

Yes, for select projects. Here is a link to Gabe Ripley's resume.



I intend to leave a long lasting postivie impact through contributing to self sustaining, healthy, and artistic communities who value enlightement, evolution, and endurance.  


Press & Media

The about Gabe Ripley page has links to a few previous interviews. A real press kit page is on the way. If you are interested in booking an interview, please call (413) 585-9134 or contact Gabe Ripley.  


Travel & Adventures

In 1992 I was 17 and traveled for the first time. I spent the summer hitch-hiking through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and Czechoslovakia, barefoot half the trip. Six years later I landed a freelance gig programming The Little Prince CD-ROM (narrated by Kenneth Branagh!) in Paris which led to work on Smurf and Lucky Luke video games in Belgium. I havn't stopped traveling since, and thoroughly enjoy it. 


Who have I been tattooed by?

My tattoo collection includes work from Guy Aitchison, Tin Tin, Bob Tyrrell, Alex De Pase, Nick Baxter, Joe Capobianco, Tony Ciavarro, Dee Dee Seruga, Mike Demasi, Sean O'Hara, Dana Helmuth, Julio Rodrigues, YZ Tattoo, Damon Conklin, Lou Jacque and the most subtle tattoo by Jeff Gogue.  Oleg Turyanskiy, Nate Beavers, Remis, and Johnny Berrios have enhanced some older tattoos.


Real World?

You can usually find me walking around Easthampton/Northampton or at the following networking meetings - Webdive (geeks), Can{na} We{ed} Do Business? (Like a Chamber of Commerce meeting, with cannabis instad of booze!), and Valley Venture Mentors (Entrepreneurs young and old). If your interested in a brainstormy walk up Mt Tom or around the bike trails, I love to walk and think (and talk). 


Are you a corperate bastard stealing from artists?

I use business to *help* enable people. Profit should follow valueable contributions, and I work hard and tirelessly for my team and clients. I am currently a sole propertier of TattooNOW, and a partner in the Tattoo Extravangza (a cooperation). I do believe in the power of positive honest communication, and cooperating, but growing up poor white trash instilled a distaste for the upper class that has been hard to shake. I distrust any large group of people, though do enjoy working closely with those who cut through the crap and focus on making the world better for future generations. The more the merrier. I believe business, just like other systems such as the government and organized religions, can be used for positive or negative. For enabeling more people and benefiting the larger community or to benefit and enable a smaller group of people. Ultimately, I really appreciate the philosophies of the B-Corps and hope to have one someday. 


Do you still program?

Yes. I prefer software design, but love to dig in and code! Over 100 tattoo websites are powered by Coldfusion (the CMS was custom coded years before php had any formal specs!). There are orders in the databse from nearly 20 years ago. That's both impressive, and a sign I should do some database cleanup! 



I love music. Here is a link to a long (loooooong) form playlist designed for studios where people are workling long hours. 


PO Box 1053
Easthampton MA


Phone: +1 (413) 585-9134