Calgary Tattoo Convention up next!

Monday September 30, 2013

Alberta Bound

After a short break after the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, it's time to revamp my busienss semianr and get ready for the Calgary Tattoo Convention. The Off the Map Tattoo booth will have David Cordon, Max Rorthert, and Shawn Hebrank. We will be teaching the business seminar, as well as the free website one. Steve Peace's reputation as an amazing convention promoter reaches far and wide, adn Im very excited to be able to finally make it over. Can't wait to hang out in Canada for the weekend! 

Jeff Gogue SemianrProcessing and uploading the Gathering webinars has taken up a lot of my time. Webinars currently live and avaiable ON DEMAND include Jeff Gogue's new Art Core isolation training for  visual artistsAdvanced Cover-ups for Tattooists with James KernRuss Abbott presents: The Tattooist's Palette, TattooNOW's Building a GREAT Tattoo Business, and Off the Map's a Day in the Life of a Studio Manager. We were able to land a short Bob Tyrrell interview for TattooNOW about his new webinar/DVD. It has been a pleasure hosting so many real workld semianrs, and being able to offer these experiences to artists worldwide on demand is pretty amazing! Damon Conklin and Ian McKown have some live webianrs planned, check em out. 

Lastly, plans for the opening party on March 21st for Off the Map Tattoo Italy are solidifying. Cervignano del Friuli (UD) is the town, and we are very excited for the opening party full of guests. Tattooing artists include Jeff Gogue, Bez, Nathan Kostechko, Kynst, David Cordon, Ralf Nonnweiler, and Nate Beavers. Nate Beavers will also be guesting October 22-25. It also sounds like the Worldwide Tattoo Conference is going to land in Venice, Italy next November, fun fun fun! Hope to catch up with ya soon!

Venice Italy