Paradise is on!

Sunday November 11, 2012

Ok, I took a breath or two, now back to blogging!

There are a lot of very exciting things happening. First up, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering was a complete success. Moving such a large show all the way across the country was no easy feat, but we got this #$%^ down! I can't thank Brian, Mary, and the entire crew enough. We have made a deal and set dates in Keystone for a show September 12-15 2013. Save the dates, it's going to be a good one! Check out some of the videos posted, more to come!

Richie Bulldog came out to shoot a bunch of interviews. Check out the first one! We will be debuting the new ones on

Bob Tyrrell and Big Gus doing a collaborative tattoo! Big Gus is doing a seminar/webinar eat Off the Map Tattoo this summer, thanks gus!

Here is a walk through of the Still Standing art show. Chris Lowe has organized 'Still Standing', an art show that will raise money to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project™. This unique show will also raise awareness for these fine individuals, while showcasing art from around the world. 'Still Standing' will be gathering more than 50 of the world's finest tattoo artists to create a global art exhibition to bring awareness to a topic that is so often overlooked.

Stefano Alcantara uploaded this video of a portrait tattoo he did at the Gathering.

Not used to showing off first tattoos, but, well, this is Chet f#$%^ing zar tattooing!

Well, there you go! Make sure you save the dates, as folks who come to the Gathering know, we work hard to kick every year up a notch!