TattooNOWTV Live Webcast success!

Tuesday August 21, 2012


Just finished the last webcast on Sunday with Alex De Pase from Italy and Jose Morales from Hawaii. Ben Licata, who is an awesome tattoo collector, jumped onboard as host and we are pretty excited to schedule a half dozen more. Up next on September 2nd will be a live inhouse interview with Kynst from Poland via the Netherlands. He is an amazing artist and whenever he has come out to Off the Map Tattoo our days are brighter despite his dark vision, hah. We don't have the skype interviewee yet, but we will soon! If you have any suggestions feel free to email. is the website in progress as we get this project going! We will get the recap up soon, crap, I never posted the link to the Alex Grey Visionary Tattoo event we webcast a few weeks ago. Well there it was, enjoy! 
In the lead up to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering I have been finalizing plans for the Paradise Artist Retreat so we can properly promote this September. The third Paradise Artist Retreat will return to the unbelievable Tamaya Resort in New Mexico MArch 25-28 2013. This year we are changing up the format a bit, and every attending artist will take the same core group of six seminars over the course of the four days, with group activities planned every day. There will be six teachers: Alex Grey, Guy Aitchison, Jeff Gogue, Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter and Chet Zar will lead the week! Tickets and rooms will be avaiable very very soon. No time to sleep thesedays because...
Off the Map is hiring. The process takes a few months, between the guest spots and interviews, and now with two locations and a third in the planning stages we are pretty much always hiring at this point. If you are a tattooer, and want the chance to work with over 40 amazing tattooers a year, check out Off the Map! There is a new website on the way, right on the heels of our new Off the Map Tattoo mobile app. Patience, they say, is a virtue. 
The first version of the Food tattoos for hunger website - is live. We are looking for other tattoo shops that would like to coordinate a benefit on November 18th. If you are a tattoo studio or artist who wants to participate, check out the site and join the mailing list! 
Of course what I have *really* been working on the last few weeks is the final details of the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. If you are reading this and havn't made plans, Airfaires are cheap and rooms are now available online! If you have made plans, cencel em, this Paradise Tattoo Gathering is gearing up to the the best so far, check out the artist list and seminar lineup... How could you pass up an oppertunity like this! Anyways, enough of the hard sell, Im getting back to work!