3 Days of Bio at Off the Map Tattoo, fun fun fun

Friday February 10, 2012

Well, its been super busy around here. Off the Map Tattoo is SLAMMING. It seems our gracious clientel kept the winter months busy (we did 30-40% more tattoos last winter than the previous!), but now spring is in the air and people are walking in and making deposits, appointments, and setting times for their free consultations like its going out of style. The tattoos we have booked in the last week are huge too... sleeves, back tattoos, and tons of cool custom tattoos walking in. Thanks a ton everyone!!!

It's going to help us this first year of producing events west of the Mississippi for sure. Speaking of, the Paradise Artist Retreat is coming right up at the insanely beautiful Tamaya Resort in New Mexico. We leave a week from tomorrow, and hope to see you there! Im also busy promoting the Chicago edition of the Worldwide Tattoo Conference. Dont snooze, tickets are going fast. Of course they are, this is an oppertunity to learn from Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter, Boris, Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, and Alex De Pase! Oh, and the point of this blog, in between bouts of computer work I am settign up "3 days of bio" where we will feature 5 slamming bio guest tattooers. We have 3 confirmed, representing Germany, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco. Need to finalize two more guests and then we can announce and promote properly. I foresee a bio version of TattooNOW in our future.

Oh, I also forgot to mention a few fits of cleaning up TattooNOW seems to have helped out traffic dramatically. We broke past 500,000 unique visitors a month yesterday, and this traffic should keep up. In the past we have broken 1 million unique visitors a month and we hope to do the same again soon! So, give a call (413) 585-9134 to talk about signing up for TattooNOW soon, its always been worth it, and now more than ever! 

I swear, a few more years of work, and we get to talk religion and politics all the time, until then, get back to work!

tamaya resort

worldwide tattoo conference