off the map madness

Sunday March 27, 2011

Before I get into my stuff, please visit a benefit for Japan organized by Jeff Gogue. I already ordered my shirt!

We're heading into spring full tilt! In Off the Map Tattoo news, Christopher Allen was here and tattooing away, its always a pleasure to have him and he is already scheduled to return to tattoo his growing cliental. Ty Mcewen is back and hammering out the sweet bio-tattoos for the next few days. Next month is going to be a lot of fun, the guest tattoo artists lined up for April are Christian Perez, John Montlavo, Bob (whom I am getting tattooed by!), Shawn Barber, and last but not least Stefano! Shawn Barber will also be holding his portrait painting seminar, quite an exciting month! There is also an events page on Off the Map's site now, that gives all the details on the upcoming Goddesses art show (April 9th), Shawns seminar on the 17th, Chris Dingwells seminar on the 18th, Chet Zar's upcoming seminar, and the Pint Sized Painting show. phew! We also have our first two shop articles lined up. Thanks to Tattoo Revolution and Tattoo Savage for the opportunity. Off the Map hasn't had any press coverage in the five years we have been open, so it will be fun to see!

In event news, we signed a contract to move the Paradise Artist Retreat out west to the Tamaya in New Mexico February 20-23rd. I really cant say enough nice things about the Tamaya, but rest assured, after going there a few times a year for the next few years, well, we may just move in there... ha. I have to get the website up asap! Weekend passes keep moving for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this September 15-18th at Jiminy Peak, if your planning on coming I'd book your rooms and get your tickets! The resort sells out every year, and this year it will sell out quicker than ever before! I just about had the seminar schedule final, but a few big tweaks need to be made before I post it and we start taking registrations for the seminars. Also, the DVD "Keeping Sharp" which features two full discussion panels as well as other goodies from the last Tattoo Gathering, is getting replicated this week and will back back for sale!

TattooNOW is now fully on the new server with the new hosts, and that is great news! Not only are things now wicked fast, but I got a notice from our old host that their whole data-center is going down for a few hours today... Very excited we got out of there finally, our servers are humming! Stats are next on the list before we're finally done done done.

Welp, to close out, I saw Rollins spoken word last week with Christopher Allen, and he was great... Man, I thought I had a lot of energy! Well, I cant recommend him enough. Here is the video from the one Rollins CD I got back in the day...