Website upgrades, Off the Map madness, and Artist Retreat Wrapup video

Saturday February 19, 2011

We are cruising through the server upgrade, a few bumps here or there, but the websites are going much faster, and its great catching up with everyone. I havnt slept much in the last two weeks, but one last push and then Im off to california and new mexico for site visits for the paradise artist retreat. Off the Map Tattoo is jamming, thanks again to the artists and staff and clients for starting this year off right. The guests are coming every week from here on out, Billi Vegas and Jessica V are here for the weekend, Teresa Sharpe will be here next week with an Art Jam happening on February 24th. If you are an artist and in new england, plan on coming out that evening/night for hours of painting and art creation fun!

In other news we finished up a short video for the Paradise Artist Retreat. Check it out and share it with your friends please! We are now finishing up the audio on the first Tattoo Gathering DVD, which features two full discussion panels, which will be for sale very soon! Tickets to the September Paradise Tattoo Gathering keep coming in, lots of folks want that free T-Shirt! Ok, heres the video, I have to get back to moving and testing websites!