Where are the brakes?

Sunday October 17, 2010

 Well folks, good news is I've been way to busy to blog, but the bad news is I know more blogging brings more traffic, so here is a keyword laden quickie. Paradise Artist Retreat was simply amazing. Over a hundred artists came out to create and learn once again! We will be doing another in the southern california area february 2012. Keep your ears peeled. That means Im back to planning and promoting the Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011 for the last time at Jiminy Peak in western mass, and for the move west to Keystone Colorado in 2012!  Off the Map Tattoo is jamming, thatnks to the resident tattooers and the guests. Got another three days set aside to finish my half sleeve with Guy, fun! Anyways, clearing through my lists quicker than normal thanks to Mr. Nice Guy working for TattooNOW now, phew! Oh, and Im getting tickets for the Surf n Ink convention in Australia this week, gonna hammer out a seminar and show those artists soon under what high traffic websites mean! Ok, heres a band Id love to have play the Gathering, but Ill probably have to settle for the youtube clips!