Rocky Mountain Tattoo Convention 2012

Friday June 18, 2010

Hey folks, just getting back from visiting some Rocky Mountain resorts with Durb from Hell City. In 2012 we will be taking the Paradise Tattoo Gathering into the Rocky mountains, holy shit, fun fun fun! The resorts are wonderful, and the buzz is starting all over again! We are quite excited to hammer out the Artist Retreat at Jiminy Peak this September (which is open to all artists and promises to be an exciting event in and of itself!), another Tattoo Gathering at Jiminy Peak in 2011, and then doing it up Rocky Mountain sized the same weekend in september 2012(no, the world wont be ending though it may be a little oilier). While it might seem a tad nuts to try to grow the show 2,000 miles from where I live, if you have ever been to the mountians there, you will know the people are my type of people. Man, are they excited to be hosting all the talented tattoo artists from the gathering. Nearly everyone we met went there to go skiing or snowboarding, and couldnt leave. Its amazing there, and while we may not be moving there anytime soon, its exciting to think Ill be returning there a few times to prepare for the tattoo convention. In any event, Im heading back home to work my butt off getting artists out to the artist retreat this september, hope to see you there! 

rocky mountain tattoo convention