Motor City Tattoo Expo in the future!

Sunday January 24, 2010

Welp, my winter hibernation is over, once again Im venturing outside of the Massachusetts tattoo scene and headed to Detroit's Motor City Tattoo Expo, always a very fun tattoo convention. TattooNOW is offering a 30 day free trial artist membership, so if your a tattoo artist get in touch and we can get you set up right at the convention! Flash galleries have been sucking up a lot of my time this week, I have a sample live at Kelly Doty's tattoo gallery on her new site. Tried to get it up on Ben's too, but alas, it wasnt going to happen before posting this news. Im pretty excited, not only have we kept the search engine friendliness, but the galleries really are slick, and you can view them full screen! We will be offering $50-$100 flash image gallery upgrades to our website clients soon. We are also using these galleries in the touch-screen kiosk we are building for Graceland Tattoo. The tattoos look nice and big and the interface is real slick. Posted a Veritas Irons Tattoo Machine interview on Tattoo Machines NOW... More and more artists are joining the tattoo machine forum there, check it out... Had fun at the last Off the Map tattoo appreciation party at hugos, and looking forward to the painting day with Nathan Kostechko is coming to Massachusetts on the 31st... Lots of artists are coming up for it, hope to see you there! What else, we are working on an Off the Map Tattoo video today, one that has no dates so we can keep it up forever! Luca Natalini is going to be here tomorrow slamming out the bad ass tattoos! Traffic keeps growing too, Off the Map Tattoo is attracting nearly 6,000 unique visitors a day now! Oh, I also got tattoo inspiration set up, so we are posting the tattoo of the day every day on TattooNOW. fun fun fun! ok, more soon, thanks again, dont forget to buy some websites, tattoos, and tickets to the paradise artist retreat!