Tattoo Jam, cant wait!!

Saturday July 18, 2009

Last year I had the pleasure of attending and working the 1st Tattoo Jam, and I am very excited to be returning again this year with Marc Blanchard, an Off the Map Tattoo part timer. If you are a tattooer looking for a high traffic website on the other side of the pond, we can help! I will be answering any tattoo/geek questions people have at the Off the Map/TattooNOW/TattooGathering booth. While I am happy to be an American, where I have had the opportunity to make a little heaven for myself, traveling overseas has always been something I love doing... great for the brain perspective. Cant recommend traveling enough. Its exciting to be building tattoo relationships on the other side of the pond, and this will be the third convention in the UK so I can look forward to catching up with "old" friends and meeting some new ones I hope. On the way back I will be stopping off at the Roc City Tattoo Expo. I just found out about it last week, and the line is pretty awesome! So, We will be stopping off dropping off TattooNOW and Paradise Tattoo Gathering propaganda on Friday. In other news, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering is less than 2 months away so Im staying up late checking things off the 14 pages of checklists. This year is shaping up very nice, with the seminars booking up steadily. Sorry to say, Im very cranky. But I tell ya, all the badgering on the TattooNOW forums about how I should learn to tattoo cant hold a candle to how much putting this convention on makes me want to switch gears and learn to paint, but alas, until the three businesses are all stable at the same time - not an option. So for now I learn vicariously through the tattooers who are coming and taking part in making the event a success. Ok, back to the booklet design, and the signs, and the worker list (if you want to volunteer, contact us!), and the ... website sales... ack!