Quora - Tattoo Questions and Answers

Wednesday June 13, 2018

Hello! I keep getting asked to answer questions about tattoos on Quora. After a year of answering, I realized I could repost the tattoo Q&A here! So, without further adu:

Laser removal and coverup tattooHave you ever regretted having a tattoo?

Yes. I regretted the first 10 years of the tattoos I got. Without any real idea of what world class art was and no experience in the tattoo world it took me a long time to learn and truly understand. About half of the mediocre or bad tattoos have been lasered off and covered with something awesome. Tattooing rewards patience, take the time to learn about art and tattoos while saving up your money.

Here is an image of the coverup tattoo I got from Tony Ciavarro after lasering the shit out of a dark black and grey angel. Seriously,under that white, was 60-80% grey. If your tattoo isnt perfect, laser and cover it.